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Libraries for WordPress Plugins, Part 3

In the last three posts, I’ve talked about libraries for WordPlugins that I find to be extremely helpful in writing high-quality codebases.

If you’ve not been following along, you can either catch-up by reading the previous posts:

Or you can just review the list of tools I’ve listed thus far:

This post will wrap up the series with the final set of tools that we typically use when building solutions for others.

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Libraries for WordPress Plugins, Part 2

Yesterday, I started a short series of posts covering tools that I think make for writing high-quality code in a WordPress project (specifically those that are plugins built using an object-oriented approach).

If you haven’t read the post, the first set of tools mentioned are as follows:

There are about five more tools that I like to keep running on my projects. So here’s the next three with the final two coming in the next post.

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Libraries for WordPress Plugins, Part 1

The more you work with WordPress, especially if you employ tools like Composer and the like, the more you’re likely going to find certain libraries, tools, and similar things that form the foundation of projects on which you work.

Sometimes you may find them when looking through other people’s code, maybe you’ll find them when browsing GitHub, or maybe someone you work with will suggest a library (or a few) depending on a project.

Personally, I’ve had the experience of all of the above, and the more I work on building solutions for myself or others, the more I find myself setting up the same foundation for each project (which is typically a plugin of some sort).

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