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Expectations If The User Presses Enter

This post is really more of a quick tip than anything else, but if you’re in the business of building web sites or web applications in which users interact with the project and are used to using shortcuts throughout the rest of their applications, then you need to consider the case of what to do if the user presses enter.

If The User Presses Enter

That is, if the end user is using the project you’re working on in order to, say, submit information to the server via a form, then they shouldn’t necessarily have to manually use the mouse (or trackpad) to click on the ‘Submit’ button in order for their information to be transmitted across the wire.

If you’re an experienced web developer, then you’re likely familiar with using JavaScript to handle situations like this, but if you’re new to the business or just new to working with JavaScript then here’s the basics for handling this use case.

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The scrollUp jQuery Plugin (And Placing The ‘Scroll To Top’ Button)

Whenever I’ve been asked to build a landing page or put a single-page site together for someone, one of the ways that I’ve occasionally implemented navigation is by using the scrollUp jQuery Plugin.

In short, it’s a simple plugin that gives a nice effect such that when the user clicks on a navigation link, the plugin will display a ‘Back To Top’ option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Nothing too complicated, but it’s well implemented and I’m a fan. The thing is, sometimes the ‘Back To Top’ anchor can interfere with certain footer elements.

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