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My Day-To-Day: Write Every Day

For those of us who actually, y’know, like writing and try to write every day, it’s never been tougher to actually settle on a platform on which to do so. Off the top of my head, the following services are available: WordPress Blogger Scriptogram Medium Tumblr Feathers Chryp Jekyll …and many more But we live in […]

My Day-To-Day: Inbox Zero

Periodically, I’ll get questions on how I manage certain parts of my day-to-day workflow, so I’ve been trying to answer each of these questions in My Day-to-Day. Since email is one of those things with which we’re all too familiar, I figured I’d share how I aim for inbox zero. TL;DR: I believe that inbox zero is […]

My Day-To-Day: Managing Social Media

Last week, I wrote about my first Day-To-Day post on Getting Things Done. In the comments, Kevin asked the following question: Tom, do you schedule time to use Twitter and general interneting or are you able to work with intermittent distractions? The truth is, I was actually going to include this in the original post, but […]

My Day-To-Day: Blog Every Day

In recent months, I’ve received a few tweets, questions, and emails asking my strategy for how I blog every day. The truth is that I hesitate to answer this question because I think that so much of being able to do so has to do with each of our personalities. For example, some of the […]

My Day-To-Day: Lift App, Part 2

This post is the final part in a two part series. Be sure to read Part 1.At the beginning of January, I shared that I was going to give Lift App a trial for about a month, and then see how well it integrated itself into my day-to-day routine. Specifically, I had set aside four […]

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