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Lots of a good stuff this week. Enjoyed every single one of these resources:

I’m planning to have a tutorial two on one of the Envato blogs within the next few weeks. Excited about that :).


  1. Brian Notess

    I definitely dug that 37 Signals article, but I’ve been feeling more and more like what I need is procedural knowledge.

    I have lots of “doing” experience. Everything I’ve learned has been from reading articles and I only remember things I’ve actually implemented in real life, but I have almost no theoretical knowledge about the process of software development.

    I feel like it’s something I should know.

    • Tom

      If you’re interested in some books, I recommend the following:

      Code Complete. Every serious programmer needs to read (and constantly refer) to this book.

      Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#. The language is secondary to the teaching. This book changed the way that I write code after reading it.

      Neither of those are heavily focused on the process of software development from a requires gathering, iteration, development, and management perspective but these two books impacted my programming more than any other books.

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