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Resolving The WordPress Multisite Redirect Loop

Though I do the majority of my work using single site WordPress installs, there are a number of sites and projects in which I’ve used WordPress multisite and there’s a problem that I’ve experienced specifically with using WordPress multisite, subdomains, and shared hosting environments. Specifically, the problem is this: Install WordPress and activate multisite Configure […]

Hello Dolly – It’s WordPress For Your Earholes

Back in October, I asked if you guys thought that there was room for yet another WordPress podcast. Between the comments, Tweets, and emails, I receive an overwhelmingly response all of which was positive. After the response that I received, I brought the idea and responses to my team at 8BIT who were more than excited […]

An Update on Another WordPress Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone thought that there was room for yet another WordPress Podcast. To be honest, the response was a bit overwhelming. How awesome, right? In addition to all of the comments, I also received numerous emails and even a few tweets about this – anything ranging from people […]

Another WordPress Podcast?

One of my favorite things to do when going on a run or a long drive is to queue up a few podcasts and listen to them. Generally speaking, most of the podcasts that I listen to are directly related to things I’m interested in and/or interested in learning more about. Then again, isn’t that […]

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