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How To Fix the Referenced PHPCompatibility Sniff Error

There are a lot of nice packages that we can use in our PHP-based projects and if you’re using Composer or GrumPHP, PHPCompatibility is one that I recommend including your projects especially if you’re writing code for something that’s going to run across multiple versions of PHP (that is, on hosts that offer different versions). […]

Introducing Remove Empty Shortcodes

Last week, I discussed everything that went my decision on retiring site memberships. For those who were members (or even read the initial idea), you may recall that I was using Restrict Content Pro to power the site. When retiring the memberships, I wanted to make sure I was able to maintain the integrity of […]

When CloverCoverage Fails And Passes Simultaneously

The following walkthrough should save you a bit of time when working with PHP, PHPUnit, and so on when CloverCoverage fails (and succeeds simultaneously during continuous deployment) so that you know what you’re doing to have PHPUnit and Clover run properly on your system.

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