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How To Get a Page’s Permalink By Slug

If you’re used to working with The Loop, then you’re all too familiar with the_permalink. Simply put, it’s how to get the link to the post currently being rendered in the browser. But if you’re working on anything more advanced than using the typical Loop, then you may be looking to get the permalink for […]

How To Prevent a Page From Being Deleted in WordPress

If you’re experienced with programmatically creating pages, you may wish to skip down to the code.I’m currently working on two applications that I’m building on top of WordPress (of which I hope to share once they’re complete). Both projects have views – basically pages with templates – that need to be created when the application […]

Tag Sticky Post For WordPress

Tag Sticky Post for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky within a specific tag archive. It works exactly like the typical sticky post functionality within WordPress, except that it’s specifically for tag archives. This means that if you have a set of articles under one tag, you can […]

WordPress Pointers: What’s Required For Development?

When I was in college, I had a year’s worth of classes where we did all of our homework assignments and projects in C. I specifically remember hearing that if a person couldn’t grasp the concept of pointers and their associated functions, then they may not be best suited for programming. Although I think that […]

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