When it comes to talking about the best WordPress themes, I’ve always been quick to recommend Array Themes. This is evident in some different posts. (For example, see here, and here.)

Best WordPress Themes via Array

But, if you’re like so many other people, you’re trying to find the best WordPress themes to suit your needs whether you’re a photographer, a blogger, a business owner, a developer, a designer, a writer, or any other professional.

The Best WordPress Themes?

There are very, very few theme shops that provide high-quality themes that truly adhere to the standard the WordPress economy has set for those who design and develop themes. (For those who are interested, you can read all about them.)

Why Array?

Array Themes, though, is one of those shops that consistently delivers high-quality in their:

  • designs,
  • code quality,
  • integrity,
  • and support.

Here’s the thing: So many theme shops tout the “high-quality code” as a selling point of their products. Many of us, though, only trust that’s part of what we’re buying. There’s know what to evaluate it.

That’s not the case with Array. Though it’s there, their proposition is:

We’re serious about getting you the best website on the planet.

And the site goes on:

Your only job is to add your content, hit publish and get back to life, the way it should be.

Easy, right? And some of their best themes are even completely free.

May I Recommend Array?

I exclusively use Array for this site, my projects, and my recommendations. So if you’re looking for the best WordPress themes available, then I highly recommend seeing what they have to offer.

The Array Theme Collection

Sure, there are other places you can go to select a theme. But I’d venture to say you’ll have a hard time finding a company that offers quality on every single aspect of the business – from design to support.